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About Kimberlie

Kimberlie began her pet sitting career just as the industry was beginning to bloom by starting her own successful business in California.  She brought her expertise back to the pet sitting world in 2012 through Happy At Home Pet Sitters.


Our History

Happy At Home Pet Sitters of Southeast Wisconsin was opened by the Young family of Dousman, WI in 2003.  In 2012 the Young's decided to change the focus of their services and started looking for someone new to take over the reins of Happy At Home Pet Sitters.  Kimberlie Simmons was interested in getting back into the business after recently leaving another career, and the timing was perfect.


Our love of animals has been a distinguishing characteristic of the Happy At Home Pet Sitters family for many years, and it is a real joy to be able to work with all the unique personalities of our client pets.


Our Family

We are blessed to have a large pet family of our own, with many of our pets being adopted from shelters.  We highly recommend  Wisconsin Humane Society, HAWS, and the Elm Brook Humane Society as places to find your new best friend.  They do an excellent job of temperament testing and fitting pets to the perfect homes.  You can even find purebreds at these and other humane organizations.   And they have very affordable prices for spay and neuter services.   Please adopt!


Insurance & Bonding

Happy At Home Pet Sitters is a member of the Pet Sitters Association, LLC. association of Eau Claire WI.  We carry liability insurance under the same company, as well as "Special property of others coverage" to protect against things such as mysterious disappearances, destruction, breakage.  We chose this as well as being bonded because bonding means that IF someone steals from your home AND is convicted of the crime then the bonding company will reimburse you immediately and the thief will reimburse the bonding company in payments.  Our insurance is actual insurance plus a separate bond, and includes a much broader scope of personal property coverage.