Daytime Dog Walking

Our daytime dog walking and pet care services include pet walking, midday feedings, and stuck-at-the-office relief.  Daytime care is available to those families whose pets need some special time in the middle of our busy work days.  Daytime care dog walking includes all of the same features of regular pet sitting, but can be used on a last minute or planned-in-advance basis.


How often does your dog need a break?  The average dog should not be left alone more than 4 hours.  A dog left alone for longer periods of time, or frequently, will develop personality problems or annoying habits which can become severe (more pets are put to sleep for potty related behavior problems than for other reason!).

Other pets can go 8, 10, or even 12 hours without a potty break.  However many pets will be susceptible to urinary tract infections, separation anxiety, excessive chewing (on self & home), frequent barking, "dirty puppy" syndrome (thinking it is 'ok' to go inside the home), and other problems when left alone for long periods of time.

Our dog walking service is designed to allow you to go to work or away from home without worrying about your pet.  Our dog walker can also provide special exercise for your pet if you are at home but too busy to or unable to walk your pet regularly.  The basic visit charge includes all of the following services - you simply need to note which ones you'd like preformed during your initial consultation.  

  • All Your Pets (We Charge by Time Needed, Not by # Pets)
  • Pet Turnout, Walk or Exercise
  • Lots of Playtime, Hugs, and Fun - And treats if allowed!
  • Games (Chuck It & Fetch, Frisbee, Rope Play, etc)
  • Mail/News Retrieval
  • Visit Notes & log
  • Free Pooper-Scooper Baggies and Spot Scooper Service
  • Feeding, Watering (Plants and Animals)
  • Medication Administration, including Injections & Sub-Q
  • Sprinkler, Lights, TV/Radio, and Blinds rotation
  • Pasture Rotation & Farm Care
  • Hot Summer Day Spot Shower
  • Cold Winter Day Blanketing
  • Repellent Application & Tick Removal
  • Other basic house tasks as agreed upon


Visit Options & Rates

Base rates per visit *

Visit Type Length Rate Description
Initial Consultation 30-90 min Free At this visit you will have the chance to interview the pet sitter to make sure the sitter is a good match for your pet.  Then we can complete the necessary paperwork, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.  Minimum 35 minutes.  Free (One visit).

Please plan to complete this meeting 48 hours prior to service when possible.
Hourly Service 55-60 min $25.50
Extended Visit 40-45 min $21.50 Best for long walks, multiple pet homes, and pets with special diets or other special needs.  Good for horses & hobby farms, or outside watering.
Regular Visit 25-30 min $17.50 A regular visit leaves plenty of time for a nice walk.
Value Visit 15-20 min $15.50 This short visit can be used as a quick turnout or potty break, or a 3rd feeding.  A value visit also allows for a good walk if no feedings or other tasks are also required.


Additional Fees

Travel Charges Travel fees may apply to your visits.  Our regular daytime clients are spread throughout Dousman, Delafield, Wales, and Oconomowoc areas.  We will use the time of day  that you prefer to have a walk, along with the distance to your home in order to calculate your travel fee.  Please call to have us calculate the travel feel for your needs.
Holidays No extra fee.
Client Key Transfer There is a $3.00 fee if you would like to drop off or pick up a key at our home, or if you will be mailing a key to us.
Sitter Key Transfer A $10 fee plus travel will be assessed for the sitter to drop off or pick up your key to your home.
Special Services Baths for large animals, extra messy messes, or other especially difficult tasks may be assessed a small additional charge.
Emergency Vet Taxi & Vet Chaperone Charged as needed based on time.


Notes *

Time ranges are minimums & averages only - your pet sitter may stay 5-90 minutes longer (no extra charge) to leave notes and perform other tasks.  

All rates are based on a "reasonable" number of pets / large animals and responsibilities, as well has the temperaments of each pet and the way the pets interact with each other.  We will attempt to do as many requested activities in the time provided during each visit, prioritized in the order specified by you.   We may or may not attempt to contact you if we find more time is needed than originally planned and we will add it as needed.  We very rarely find we need more time than originally planned.

While we strive to keep the rates posted on this page accurate, the rates listed are not guaranteed and may change.  Contact a Happy At Home Pet Sitter for current rates.