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Payment Options

Happy At Home Pet Sitters accepts cash, checks, money orders, and PayPal (including credit cards, bank tranfers, or instant payments).   Payment in full is due at time of reservation.  See Terms for our cancellation and refund policy.  Please make checks out to Happy At Home Pet Sitters.


Happy At Home Pet Sitters previously provided a variety of pet care services as described on the menu to the left.  We have recently slimmed down our offerings greatly, and have openings for only a few more new daytime regular  clients


<-- Use the menu to the left to learn more about our service options, including:

  • Regular Daytime Dog Walking & 1x/day Pet Care
  • At Home Vacation Pet Sitting
  • Poop Scooping
  • Pet Taxi
  • In Home Pet Boarding (No dogs)
  • Pet Sitting Business Startup Help & Guidance
Our rates are listed at the bottom of each page listed above.   While we are in transition to a new owner the rates listed may be incorrect.